Where to Find Every Pikmin Type in Pikmin 4 & What They Do

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The Pikmin series is known for being an excellent real-time strategy game, but it is more well known for being the home of the adorable eponymous creatures. This latest entry in the franchise adds two new types, Ice Pikmin and Glow Pikmin, to the mix. You won’t have all types available to you right off the bat. Therefore, you’ll need to find them before you can add them to your squad. Here is where to find every Pikmin type in Pikmin 4 and what they do.

Where to Find Every Pikmin Type in Pikmin 4 & What They Do

  • Red Pikmin – These little angels were the first Pikmin type encountered by Captain Olimar in the very first game in the series. Since then, they have been the most commonly featured Pikmin type throughout the franchise. You can find Red Pikmin at the very beginning of the game given to you by default.
  • Yellow Pikmin – Yellow Pikmin have the unique ability to channel electricity. You can throw them farther than other Pikmin types, which is helpful for reaching high places. Yellow Pikmin debut on the Sun-Speckled Terrace area within the Crackling Cauldron sublevel.
  • Blue Pikmin – Although all Pikmin are adorable, the Blue Pikmin are a slight step above the rest. They are the only Pikmin that can breathe underwater, which means they can swim and dive without trouble. You will find a few Blue Pikmin in the Sun-Speckled Terrace area, and to get more, you’ll need to grab the Blue Onion in that same area. To do so, freeze the nearby pond with 30 Ice Pikmin so 20 of your other Pikmin can carry it back.
  • Ice Pikmin – A brand new addition to the franchise, the Ice Pikmin joins the roster of adorable, colorful sweethearts. With the ability to freeze enemies or even entire ponds, the Ice Pikmin will undoubtedly bring new solutions to challenges. You can find Ice Pikmin hanging out in many of the cave sublevels (such as the Last-Frost Cavern) in the Sun-Speckled Terrace area.
  • Purple Pikmin – Purple Pikmin were a welcome addition in Pikmin 2 back in 2004, as they boasted great strength and weight that came in handy in difficult battles. Even in Super Smash Bros. Purple Pikmin are a force to be reckoned with because they have superior strength. One Purple Pikmin is as strong as 10 of any other Pikmin type. This is useful for carrying treasures and fighting enemies. You can turn Pikmin into Purple Pikmin by throwing them into a Violet Candypop Bud. These are located within caves in the Blossoming Arcadia and Hero’s Hideaway areas.
  • Rock Pikmin – Purple Pikmin clearly work out, but Rock Pikmin are Purple Pikmin on steroids. As sweet as they are, Rock Pikmin pack the greatest punch when thrown. They are much more hardy than other Pikmin types. You can find Rock Pikmin shortly after arriving in the Blossoming Arcadia area within the Kingdom of Beasts cave.
  • Glow Pikmin – This is the second Pikmin type that debuts in Pikmin 4. These special creatures can only be used on night expeditions and within caves. They can float and charge into a glowing ball for massive attacks. You can produce Glow Pikmin during night expeditions by collecting glow pellets during the mission.
  • White Pikmin – These are the fastest of all of the Pikmin type, and they are extremely toxic. They poison enemies that eat them, and they are also immune to toxic emissions. White Pikmin unlock in the post-game. After completing the main campaign, you can get them from Ivory Candypop Buds in various caves.
  • Winged Pikmin – Pikmin 3 gave us the gift of pink Winged Pikmin. They are capable of fluttering over the battlefield, amplifying the series’ element of multi-tasking. Thankfully, they return in Pikmin 4. Winged Pikmin unlock in the post-game. After completing the main campaign, you can get them from various caves.

That’s everything you need to know about where to find every Pikmin type in Pikmin 4 and what they do. For more information about the game, be sure to check out our official review right here.

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