Kingdom Hearts 3: All Lucky Emblem Rewards

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All Lucky Emblem Rewards in Kingdom Hearts 3

There’s plenty more to do in Kingdom Hearts 3 than just the main story. One of the biggest side quests in the game is finding all 90 Lucky Emblems. Not only are they the game’s main collectible, but they come with some sweet rewards. Here are all the Lucky Emblem rewards.

Lucky Emblems are Mickey Mouse head icons that can be found scattered throughout the many worlds. They can take the form of wall indents, trees, rolls of tape, and many others.

In order to log the Lucky Emblems, the player must snap a picture of them with their trusty Gummi Phone.

For a complete list of locations, check out our handy locations guide.

Firstly, there’s the immediate rewards that you’ll earn every 5 or so Lucky Emblems that you take a picture of. These range from potions and stat boosters to materials and accessories.

Here is a list of all of the rewards that you can earn:

  • 1 AP Boost
  • 3 Mega Potion
  • 5 Expert’s Ring
  • 10 Thundara Trinket
  • 15 Moon Amulet
  • 20 Magic Boost
  • 25 Star Charm
  • 30 Ribbon
  • 35 Buster Band+
  • 40 Strength Boost
  • 45 Master Necklace
  • 50 Wisdom Ring
  • 65 Defense Boost
  • 60 Orichalcum Ring
  • 65 Cosmic Chain+
  • 70 Royal Ribbon
  • 80 Orichalcum+
  • 90 Mickey’s Brooch

Perhaps the best reward that the emblems offer is the ability to unlock Kingdom Heart’s 3’s secret movie.What’s cool is that this isn’t all of the rewards you can earn from the Lucky Emblems in Kingdom Hearts 3 — far from it.

The secret movie provides some insight into the future of the Kingdom Hearts series. I say insight, but in reality, it just raises more questions than it does answers. Still, it’s definitely a worthwhile unlock to get.

The number of Lucky Emblems required to unlock the secret ending is different depending on what difficulty you’re playing. You’ll need more for beginner, than if you were playing on proud for example.

There is one final reward you can earn from collecting every single one: a trophy/achievement. That way, you can show off your great accomplishment to everyone on your friends list!

And that’s all there is to know about the Lucky Emblem rewards in Kingdom Hearts 3. Be sure to check out our guide wiki for more on the game.


Question: What are the Lucky Emblem rewards?

Answer: You will be awarded several items for finding certain amounts. You will also earn the secret movie for finding 90 on Beginner, 60 on Standard, and 30 on Proud. Lastly, there is a trophy/achievement for collecting all of them.

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