Kingdom Hearts 3: Epilogue & Yozora Secret Movie Explained (Spoilers)

Kingdom hearts 3, secret movie, explained, epilogue

Kingdom Hearts 3 Epilogue and Yozora Secret Movie Explained

Epilogue (Last Masters)

Kingdom hearts 3, epilogue, secret movie, explained

SPOILER WARNING: This post contains massive spoilers for the ending, epilogue, and secret movie of Kingdom Hearts 3. If you do not want to know how the game ends, turn back now.

The epilogue of Kingdom Hearts 3 plays right after the credits and the game’s final scene on Destiny Islands. For all intents and purposes, the epilogue doesn’t have much to do with that final scene.

Instead, the epilogue paints a picture of what is to come for the series. At the same time, it also brings in more elements from the prequel games, Kingdom Hearts X, Union X, and X Back Cover.

If you’re not familiar with that set of games and want some more in-depth information, you can check out our story summary. For now, we’ll just talk about the most important parts that pertain to Kingdom Hearts 3’s epilogue.

The scene begins with four characters entering. These are the Foretellers: Aced, Gula, Ira, and Invi. There is also one more Foreteller, Ava, who we’ll get on to in a moment. They are all Keyblade Masters.

Long before the time of Sora, Aqua, and the many Xehanorts, these four Foretellers (as well as Ava) each led their own unions of Keyblade wielders. On top of this, they each had their respective roles given to them by someone known as the Master of Masters.

Each Foreteller was gifted a copy of the Book of Prophecies, which reveals knowledge of the future, including the impending Keyblade War.

Eventually, tension rose among the Foretellers, as worries of a traitor among their ranks came to fruition. This, among other factors, led to the Keyblade War, during which the Foretellers and Keyblade wielders fought each other.

What became of the Foretellers after that is unknown.

The fifth character in the epilogue — the one wearing the Organization’s signature black coat — is Luxu. After removing his hood, it is revealed that he is in fact Xigbar and has been jumping between bodies this whole time.

Luxu is another of the Master of Masters apprentices. In Kingdom Hearts X, his role is much different to the Foretellers. He is tasked with keeping a hold of the black box (an object mentioned constantly throughout Kingdom Hearts 3).

Maleficent and Pete are now very aware of the location of the black box. So expect to see them back again in the future.

As far as we know, Luxu is the only character who knows what’s in the box besides the Master of Masters, but he was instructed to never open it.

He also possesses the Keyblade No Name, which holds the Gazing Eye, an eye which allows the Master of Masters to observe everything. The Master of Masters also tasked Luxu with observing with said Keyblade in hand and eventually pass down the Keyblade to his apprentice, then him to his and so forth.

As we see in the epilogue, Luxu has finally reclaimed the No Name Keyblade for himself following the defeat of Xehanort, the previous owner of No Name.

Luxu states in the epilogue that “he had a role to play. And after all these years, it’s done.” He’s likely referring to the role of observing the events throughout the many years.

In any case, he has summoned the five Foretellers here to explain everything to them and possibly divulge what is to happen next.

Ava, the fifth Foreteller, is missing. It isn’t explicitly stated where she is, but there could be hints in the game’s Secret Reports.

The first Secret Report accounts a person locked away in a cell. All they can remember are “four friends and a key.” The report ends, “may my heart be my guiding key.”

The last part of the report links it to a character from Kingdom Hearts X, as that was a phrase often used by the Master of Masters. “Four friends” could be referring to the four other Foretellers. And we know it’s a girl as Saix, Axel, and Ansem, Seeker of Darkness all make reference to a female prisoner throughout the game.

Coincidentally, however, all of this evidence also points to a character from Kingdom Hearts Union X, Skuld. Although, the prisoner may be Ava, it could just as easily be Skuld. But it is very likely one of those two.

It should also be noted that Luxu and Ava have fought in the past, so there’s definitely some history there. In fact, it was the clash of their Keyblades that sparked the Keyblade War.

Wherever her whereabouts, it seems that she is a part of Luxu’s next plan as shown in the second scene of the epilogue.

It cuts to a young Eraqus and Xehanort with their chessboard, but Eraqus has a new game with new pieces.

Of the seven black pieces he places on the board, five of them resemble the emblems of the five Foretellers’ unions, teasing what could potentially be new villains in the next saga of Kingdom Hearts.

Lastly, Eraqus throws down a single white piece.

In Kingdom Hearts 3, the seven white pieces and 13 black pieces represented the seven lights and thirteen darknesses. Therefore in the epilogue, we could be looking at a new game where one good guy — be that Sora or whoever — has to fight against seven villains.

The biggest takeaway from the epilogue is that Luxu (or Xigbar, Braig, whatever you want to call him) is going to be filling in Xehanort’s shoes as the big, bad villain of Kingdom Hearts, and Sora’s adventures are far from over.

We might not have to wait that long to find out more information about Luxu and the gang, as the prequel story hasn’t actually finished yet.

Kingdom Hearts Union X is still receiving story updates every month or so. Perhaps the timing of the release of this story content for Union X has been purposely done to tie in with the information that we now know from Kingdom Hearts 3’s epilogue.

Regardless, keep your eyes peeled on Kingdom Hearts Union X if you want to find out more about these characters and possibly the future of the whole series.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Epilogue and Yozora Secret Movie Explained

Secret Movie (Yozora)

Kingdom hearts 3 secret movie, yozora

The Secret Movie of Kingdom Hearts 3, titled “Yozora,” is far more confusing than the epilogue and raises a whole bunch of questions while providing very few answers.

Firstly, where are we. Tokyo.

The last we saw of Sora, he was heading off to save Kairi. After that, we see Kairi saved, but Sora is completely absent.

Well, the good news is he seems to be alive at least. Sora awakens on the Shibuya Crossing, and that’s about it for him.

Riku also appears to be waking up, but he awakens outside of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

Shinjuku and Shibuya are about 4km apart. It would take about an hour to walk from one to the other, or you can jump on the Fukutoshin Line for a quick 15 minute journey.

Another character is shown atop a building. Observant players will know that this is none other than Yozora. Yozora is the character featured in a video game (Verum Rex) within the Toy Story world of Kingdom Hearts.

Lastly, we see a black-cloaked figure making a heart shape with his hands over the moon. This character is very likely to be the Master of Masters. His posture and the fact that he makes a frame with his fingers is very reminiscent of how he acted in Kingdom Hearts X Back Cover.

So, what does any of this Tokyo stuff have to do with Kingdom Hearts? Well, as with Secret Movies in other Kingdom Hearts games, it’s likely that this ending is teasing a future game in the series. However, what that game will be about is hard to tell.

Unfortunately in the epilogue there really isn’t anything concrete to draw upon, but we do have a few theories.

One theory is that this setting has something to do with The World Ends With You, a game developed by Square Enix set in Shibuya.

What lends credence to this is that characters from The World Ends With You appeared in Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance. Neku even says to Sora, “see you in Shibuya,” upon saying his farewells.

If it is The World Ends With You’s Shibuya, that could mean that the next game may see us travel to the worlds of Square Enix properties for the first time in the series.

As for Yozora, who knows why he’s in Tokyo. The fictional Verum Rex video game, including its setting and characters, give off a very Final Fantasy Versus XIII vibe. Versus XIII was Tetsuya Nomura’s original vision, but the entire project eventually morphed into Final Fantasy XV.

The music played during this part is also a reference to Somnus, a song featured in marketing for Versus XIII and also used in XV.

Furthermore, Noctis Lucis Caelum’s name means “light of the night sky” when translated from Latin. Yozora means “night sky” when translated from Japanese.

We’re unsure of exactly what Yozora’s appearance means, but it could also point to a Kingdom Hearts game with a heavier focus on Square Enix.

Most of this is conjecture, but we are pretty certain of one thing: the figure at the end of the Secret Movie is the Master of Masters. As revealed in the epilogue, thanks to Luxu, he has seen the events of Sora and friends unfold, and it looks like he may finally be ready to join the action.

That does it for the epilogue and secret movie explained in Kingdom Hearts 3. If you’re looking for more to do after finishing KH3, check out things to do after beating Kingdom Hearts 3 or if you’re feeling a bit teary eyed, see how all the characters have evolved over the years.

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