Travis Strikes Again: How to Heal Your Health

How to Heal Your Health in Travis Strikes Again

Like any action game, health is important. You’d be dead without it, so it’s always a good idea to keep your health topped up. In Travis Strikes Again, the fighting can get pretty intense, and you’re likely to take on a few cuts and bruises. Here’s how to heal your health in Travis Strikes Again.

In Travis Strikes Again, your health is indicated by the on-screen body icon. The body will start to drain as you take more and more hits.

Luckily, there are a few different options for refilling your body with health in Travis Strikes Again.

Firstly, there’s the option of going to the toilet. That’s right, letting out some stress while on the toilet will restore Travis’ health.

You’ll be able to find multiple bathrooms throughout the levels, and it’s a good idea to stop off and heal up whenever possible. Using a toilet will also allow you to save your game.

Another great option for healing on the go is by eating ramen. Like toilets, ramen shops can be found throughout the different levels.

Ramen shops take on the form of little carts and will appear alongside a creature in a chefs outfit. All you have to do is run up to the shop and press A and bam, health restored.

While these are both excellent options for regaining health, they are not always present in a pinch. There are, however, certain Skill Chips that you can equip that will allow you to heal some of your health more often.

One such Skill Chip is the ∀ Skill Chip. Equipping this allows Travis to use a skill where he creates an area within which players can stand to recover some health.

Another Skill Chip that can be used to heal is the Unicorn Skill Chip. This gives Travis the ability to suck life away from surrounding enemies.

Skill Chips can be equipped in the game’s Lv Up & Skills menu, where they can be assigned to either the A, B, X, or Y button. Once equipped, they can then be used in-game by holding down the L button and pressing the assigned face button.

That’s all there is to know about how to heal in Travis Strikes Again. For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to check out our wiki.


Question: How do you heal your health in Travis Strikes Again?

Answer: You can heal by going to the toilet or eating ramen in levels or by using the skill chips that heal.

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