Final Fantasy XIV Universalis, Explained

Every seller in FFXIV should get acquainted with Universalis.

FFXIV Universalis, Explained
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Much like World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV features a market board, where players can sell all kinds of stuff rather than trash it at a vendor. It’s a great way to make some good Gil, provided the market is right. The best strategy is to sell when the market is good, in which case, you’ll want to use Universalis for FFXIV for help.

What FFXIV Universalis is, Explained

What’s important to note is that the prices on FFXIV’s market board are set by the players. You can find the same weapon for wildly different prices. With Universalis, you’ll get a helpful history on market board prices from across every server.

Here, let’s use Cassia Lumber as an example. Up in the top-left is a search bar that you can use to search for Cassia Lumber. In doing so, you’ll get four separate lists—two on the left that feature NQ (normal quality) and HQ (high quality) prices for Cassia Lumber and two on the right that feature NQ and HQ purchase histories.

how to use ffxiv universalis
Image Source: Universalis via Twinfinite

These are collected from every data center and the servers within Final Fantasy XIV, but if you want to get specific, you can pick your preferred data center along the top.

Further down you’ll find two graphs—one of cross-world purchase history and one of stack size. The stack size is especially helpful if you’re selling resources. For example, if you’re trying to sell x10 Cassia Lumber and the chart says stacks of x7 sell more frequently, then you have a better chance of selling the resource by shrinking the stack.

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell items in FFXIV, Universalis is an incredibly handy tool. The percentages are pretty useful, too, as it gives you an idea of how healthy an item’s worth currently is. Now is a good time to start clearing out your bank with the new Dawntrail expansion coming soon.

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